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EU Kids online report - Risk and safety on the internet

by Livingstone, S, and Haddon, L (2011), EU Kids Online

This report presents the findings for EU Kids Online Deliverable D4: Core Findings, based on a new and unique project designed and conducted by the EU Kids Online network and funded by the European Commission’s Safer Internet Programme.

The EU Kids Online project aims to enhance knowledge of European children’s and parents’ experiences and practices regarding risky and safer use of the internet and new online technologies, and thereby to inform the promotion of a safer online environment for children. It has generated a substantial body of new data - rigorously collected and cross-nationally-comparable - on European children’s access, use, opportunities, risks and safety practices regarding the internet and online technologies. Significantly, findings come from interviews conducted directly with children from 25 countries across Europe.

Please find the full press release (only in German) under: www.lse.ac.uk

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