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Internet and computer games are indispensable for young people

Recent study results from the Federal Centre for Health Education show how young people use the internet.

For the first time, the Federal Centre for Health Education (BZgA) released data in a recent research report about how often and intensive adolescents and young adults aged 12 to 25 years use the Internet and computer games. A total of 5,001 people in Germany were interviewed in the representative study in 2011 to their online and computer gaming behavior.

The study results from the BZgA confirm: In about 2.5 percent of 12 to 25year old in Germany such an excessive use of Internet and computer game exists. Differences between the gender do not occur. Extensive use is, for example, that the time spent on the Internet can not be controlled or that there is anxiety or irritability if you can not be online.

The further results show that 97.7 percent of respondents have used the internet in the last twelve months prior to the survey. For both genders the focus is on communication services like e-mail or social networks, information sites like Wikipedia, Google, or news and entertainment such as music and video downloads.

Computer games are also popular among teenagers and young adults: 53.9 percent say they play online and 76.4 percent play offline - for example, via game consoles. Male respondents use computer games about three times longer as female respondents. They prefer so-called "Shooter", adventure, sports games, while for girls and young women more thought and skill games are in fashion.

With their approach to prevention "going to the net" ( www.ins netz-gehen.de) the BZgA sets in adolescents from 12 years to promote the critical and responsible use of computer games and the internet and to raise awareness of the risks of excessive use. The online counseling program "The Other Life" also provides support when a tendency looking for similar use of computer games and internet services is available.

The study report (in German language) is ready to download under http://www.bzga.de/forschung/studien-untersuchungen/studien/suchtpraevention/

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