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Study: Young people and online advertising on the social web

Online advertising on the social web

The most popular offers among young people on the social web are almost exclusively commercial offers. As consumers on the social web they have to deal with complicated clauses in the General Terms and Conditions (GTC), specific new forms of advertising on the social web, the analysis of personal information for personalised advertising or even new consumer offerings.

How adolescents perceive online advertising on the social web and especially commercial offerings and their business models and evaluate what they know about consumer rights, is pointed out in the findings of the study "Young people and online advertising on the social web". The study thus provides a basis for contemporary consumer education that adresses the perspective of young people and potential problems.

The aim of the study "Young people and online advertising on the social web" is to create a basis for a coordinated consumer education for young people with the aim of a meaningful and responsible use of the social web.

On the one hand the medial side of relevant social web offerings and their commercial structures are put into focus and on the other hand the knowledge, imagination and behaviour of young consumers are shown. Apart from young people's own experiences with different advertising and consumer services, the focus is also directed to the knowledge of young people about the protection of consumers in the digital world. The study identifies areas in which young people need support and illustrates the need for targeted, appropriate education.

Here you can read a summary of the results (in German language only).

All further information is available at vis-bayern.de.

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