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Organisations and instruments of self-regulation play an important role in the achievement of properly working youth protection. But the differences in knowledge about and trust in self-regulation in the European countries are tremendous.

Based on the former project YPRT an inventory of self-regulation organisations and instruments with regard to youth and media in the European countries and also on European level has been compiled and updated.

In the table below organisations and instruments can be found in alphabetical order. When clicking on the header of a column the order changes according to the chosen scope. Clicking on the title leads to the chosen entry providing more detailed information and a short description of the organisation or instrument.

The inventory is work in progress. It will be updated continuously and completed step by step. Any organisation or instrument of self-regulation not listed below might be reported to cbretl@socialweb-socialwork.eu.
We highly welcome your input.

icon for organisationicon for instrumentTitle Geographical scopeContent-related scope
organisation Czech Association of Communications Agencies

Czech Republic advertisement
organisation Deutscher Werberat

Germany advertisement
instrument Dutch Advertising Code (Download)

Netherlands advertisement
instrument Lithuanian Code of Conduct for Advertising

Lithuania advertisement
organisation Polish Advertising Council

Poland advertisement
instrument Polish Code of Ethics in Advertising (Download)

Poland advertisement
organisation Rada pro reklamu

Czech Republic advertisement
organisation Sdružení pro internetovou reklamu v CR, z.s.p.o. (SPIR)

Czech Republic advertisement
organisation Slovenian Advertising Chamber

Slovenia advertisement
instrument Slovenski oglaševalski kodeks

Slovenia advertisement

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