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Organisations and Instruments related to the area of youth protection

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instrument Advertising Standards Code for Text Services (Download)

United Kingdom advertisement
instrument BCAP Rules on Scheduling of Television Advertisements (Download)

United Kingdom advertisement
instrument Código de autorregulación de la publicidad de alimentos dirigida a menores, prevención de la obesidad y salud (Download)

Spain advertisement
instrument Code of conduct for mobile phone operators in Germany for the protection of minors

Germany mobile
instrument Verhaltenskodex der Chat-Anbieter in der FSM (Download)

Germany web
instrument Code of practice for the self-regulation of new forms of content on mobiles (Download)

United Kingdom mobile
instrument Convenio de Autorregulación para promover el buen uso de Internet en España

Spain web
instrument Dutch Advertising Code (Download)

Netherlands advertisement
instrument Editors’ Code of Practice (Download)

United Kingdom journalistic ethics
instrument Etický kodex o užívání verejných informacních služeb pro šírení sázkových služeb

Czech Republic web

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