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Organisations and Instruments related to the area of youth protection

icon for organisationicon for instrumentTitle Geographical scopeContent-related scope
organisation APEK (Post and Electronic Communications Agency of the Republic of Slovenia)

Slovenia all media
organisation Asociace provozovatelu mobilních sítí (APMS)

Czech Republic mobile
organisation Asociación Española de Distribuidores y Editores de Software de Entretenimiento

Spain interactive software
organisation Asociación para la Autorregulación de la Comunicación Comercial (Autocontrol)

Spain advertisement
organisation Austrian E-Commerce Trust Mark

Europe web
organisation Automaten-Selbst-Kontrolle (ASK)

Germany interactive software
organisation Bundesprüfstelle für jugendgefährdende Medien

Germany all media
organisation Deutscher Presserat

Germany all media
organisation Deutscher Werberat

Germany advertisement
organisation die medienanstalten (The media authorities)

Germany all media

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