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Organisation of self-regulation

Interactive Software Federation of Europe (ISFE)
Based in:
Brussels, Belgium
Type of organisation:
Association of companies
Geographical scope:
Content-related scope:
interactive software
Related areas:
youth protection

The Interactive Software Federation of Europe (ISFE) was established in 1998 to represent the interests of the interactive software sector vis-à-vis the EU and international institutions. Initially founded by the national interactive software trade associations in the UK, France, Germany and the Netherlands, ISFE was enlarged in January 2002 to include any company representing the industry within the 27 Member States plus Norway, Iceland, Switzerland and Liechtenstein. Thirteen major publishers of interactive software and thirteen interactive software trade associations throughout Europe have joined ISFE.

Registered in 2002 under Belgian law as an international association with scientific and pedagogical purposes, ISFE represents the interest of its membership to the main stakeholders, be they EU institutions, international organisations, academics, or the general public. Since 2003, ISFE has also been running the Pan-European Game Information (PEGI) system (see www.pegi.info), an experiment in self-regulation.

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