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Organisation of self-regulation

Communications Regulatory Authority (Agcom)
Based in:
Naples, Italy
Type of organisation:
independent authority
Geographical scope:
Content-related scope:
all media
Related areas:
consumer rights,
freedom of information,
personality rights

The Communications Regulatory Authority (Agcom) is an independent authority, established by Law n. 249 of 31 July 1997. Independence and autonomy are the elements which typify its activity and its decisions. Like the other authorities set up in the Italian system, Agcom is accountable to Parliament which has established its powers, defined its statutes and elected its members.

Bodies of the Authority are: the President, the Commission for infrastructures and networks, the Commission for services and products, the Council. Agcoms' two main tasks assigned to it by Law n. 249 are to ensure equitable conditions for fair market competition and to protect fundamental rights of all citizens.

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