The Internet became the core of social life with social media. We trust in the positive energy and influence of social work to guide children and young people at risk safely through the challenges and support them to benefit from the great advantages of social media.

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may 2013

Stiftung Digitale Chancen, Germany (project coordinator)
Stiftung Digitale Chancen (project coordinator)

Nobody’s Children Foundation, Poland
Nobody's Children Foundation

RIAP Association, Lithuania
RIAP Association

Fundación Esplai, Spain
Fundación Esplai

Narodni centrum bezpecnejsiho internetu, Czech Republic
Narodni centrum bezpecnejsiho internetu
Czech Republic


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news in the field


Dear Readers,

the project SocialWeb - SocialWork is now in the middle of its practical phase. The training campaign has started some weeks ago and more than 240 social youth workers in the partner countries have already participated in the training sessions.

Before the start of the training campaign, however, a Train-the-Partner Meeting was implemented in mid-February 2013 in Warsaw to familiarise the trainer staff of the partner organisations with the training curriculum and discuss in detail the content and methods of the curriculum face-to-face. Kind of a "test run" of the training day was performed to guarantee common quality standards in all participating countries. Please enjoy reading a detailed report on our training activities.

To ensure a continuous learning process of the trainees, we provide online learning units related to the module structure of the face-to-face training. Here, the project consortium is delighted to announce the cooperation with the University of applied sciences Nordhausen, Germany. Under the supervision of the project coordinator, a seminar group of students together with their professor will create online learning units for the project. The project partners also decided to make the online learning units freely accessible for visitors of the projects website. Why not risk a glance and try out some of the units to check your knowledge - we are looking forward to see you online!

And - as always - we provide you with the latest news, events and research in the field of online safety for children and youths.

Carolin Bretl,
project manager


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