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Published on: 09.05.14
Source: Childline, Litauen

On 24 - 30th of March Lithuanian emotional support service by phone and on-line "Child Line" has already organised "WEEK WITHOUT BULLYING" the fifth time initiative, during which educational and entertainment activities are conducted. It is meant to get people’s attention for the bullying problems in Lithuania.

Lithuanian youth centres organised open tolerance and friendship activities for our city’s kids, orphanage and socialisation centre children during all "WEEK WITHOUT BULLYING".

The police officers of Vilnius district, who are working in underaged kids rights sphere (further - specialists), organised lectures with a theme "Bullying, violence among teenagers, consequences, responsibility", presented videos and executed round table discussions about bullying. During the "WEEK WITHOUT BULLYING" with the initiative of the police officers volleyball competitions were held between girls and female police officers - "Make Friends", a basketball tournament was also held, in which Policemen competed with students. Employees of TEO called students all around Lithuania to discuss about cyber bullying in class "Protect each other on the Internet", they also handed out special information that they and “Child Line" produced how not to give up to cyber bullying. More than 130 students participated in meetings at Vilnius, Kaunas regional schools and libraries.

During all the campaign the most attention was paid to cyber bullying, more and more kids and teenagers are facing up to it - last year 7 times more appeals were stated than in 2012.

The first time this social initiative "WEEK WITHOUT BULLYING" program was initiated by “Child Line" in 2004. Its main goal is to prevent violence and bullying. This campaign tries to create a safer environment not only at schools and kindergartens, but also in the lives of adults, emphasize the importance of this problem and educate the society.

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