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KJM press release: Chairman calls for joint initiatives for a modern youth media protection

Published on: 14.04.14
Source: KJM Pressemitteilung 04/2014

The internet is unlimited and involves both diverse opportunities and the risk for children and young people to encounter inappropriate content while surfing in the internet. In particular, social media and user-generated platforms provide the legal protection of minors with new challenges.

The Commission for Media Youth Protection (Kommission für Jugendmedienschutz “KJM'') invited experts from politics, public institutions and media to debate on the subject “modern youth media protection: responsibility in the context of new realities'' at the kick-off event “KJM in dialogue'' in Berlin.

In two panel discussions experts debated on fundamental issues on the question about “contemporary technical media youth protection''. The participants agreed on the necessary support of all stakeholders in the youth media protection sector, given the fact of the proceeding media convergence and internationalisation. Investing in funds on the development of youth media protection systems belongs, next to an enhanced labelling of websites, to the promotion of youth media protection programs.

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