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"Let´s create a better internet together" on Safer Internet Day 2014

Published on: 11.02.14
Source: lmk-online.de, die-medienanstalten.de, klicksafe.de, saferinternet.org

Today the Insafe and INHOPE networks (the European network of Safer Internet Centres and the International Association of Internet Hotlines respectively) are celebrating Safer Internet Day (SID) for the eleventh year running. An initiative of the European Commission’s Safer Internet Programme, the day marks an annual opportunity to engage in making the internet a safer and better place for our children and young people. Since its first edition in 2004, interest in Safer Internet Day has grown tremendously to reach 6 of the world’s continents in more than 100 countries worldwide; including all 28 countries of the European Union. The theme of Safer Internet Day 2014 is “Let’s create a better internet together'' and it is hoped that, once again, all stakeholders - be they children and young people, parents and carers, teachers and educators, or industry and politicians - will join together in marking the day and working together to build a better internet for all, but particularly for children and young people.

Each year, the Insafe network produces a range of centralised resources including the customary SID video spot, and a SID Involvement Kit for Schools. Additionally, a range of exciting events and activities will be taking place to mark the day and raise awareness of the issues across the Insafe network and beyond. Find out what is happening in your country - and download resources - from the Safer Internet Day website (www.saferinternetday.org).

The day will also see the winners of the Best European Award for Best Content for Kids awarded at a high-level event hosted by the European Commission in Brussels, Belgium. This exciting award highlights existing quality content for 4-12 year-old children and encourages the production of new content that will offer young people online opportunities to learn, play, discover and invent. A competition ran throughout much of 2013 in 26 countries, with national winners then being put forward to the European-level award. The winners have therefore been selected from over 1,100 entries, including many ideas from talented young people themselves.

European Commission Vice-President Neelie Kroes, responsible for the Digital Agenda and for launching the strategy to make a better internet for children, recognises that everyone has a role to play “We need to move forward, together: child safety should be about collaboration, not competition. That’s the best way to ensure a better internet for kids.'' She goes on to add: “I hope that, on Safer Internet Day and beyond, we can deliver this better internet for children: a place with fun, creative and educational online content; a place where they can be happy and where parents can feel comfortable for them to explore.''

Speaking of the campaign, Janice Richardson, Insafe Coordinator said: "Over the years, Safer Internet Day has become a landmark event in the online safety calendar, and an action that has been taken up across the globe. With this year's theme of “Let’s create a better internet together'', we aim to emphasis the role that we ALL have to play in making the internet a better place. We also aim to showcase some of the great, collaborative work that is already taking place - between children and young people, their carers and educators, industry and politicians - to work towards making this a reality."

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