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Report about UK children's media literacy was published

Published on: 13.05.13
Source: Ofcom

Media literacy enables people to have the skills, knowledge and understanding they need to make full use of the opportunities presented both by traditional and by new communications services. Media literacy also helps people to manage content and communications, and protect themselves and their families from the potential risks associated with using these services.

The report is designed to give an accessible overview of media literacy among children and young people aged 5-15 and their parents/carers, and is based on two waves of research, conducted in spring and autumn 2010. Where possible, within the sample of children aged 5-15 and their parents, demographic analysis is conducted by age (of the child interviewed), by gender and by household socio-economic group.
The purpose of this report is to support people working in this area to develop and promote media literacy among these groups.

For the entire report please visit the Ofcom website.

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