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New guidelines for positive online content for children

Published on: 08.11.13
Source: POSCON

Challenging developments for children on the Internet

The Internet is being used more and more by kindergarten and primary school children, at an increasingly younger age. The amount of Internet material appropriate for children - e.g. apps in the App and Google Play Store - has risen significantly. This development has been leading to both new challenges, and new markets and new target audiences for positive content providers. Yet, what is to be understood under positive online content? What are the benefits, requirements, and guidelines for positive online content?

New publication

The document "Checklist & Concrete Criteria for Positive Content", provided by the EC-funded Thematic Network POSCON (Positive Online Content and Services for Children in Europe), offers answers to these questions. It is mainly directed towards designers, developers, and distributors of online material and services for children aged four to twelve:

Guidelines also regarding apps

The guidelines, being POSCON's first extensive publication, presents essential aspects to be kept in mind in the production or providing of content or services for children. Such aspects are, among others, age-appropriateness, usability, privacy concerns, and, if present, aspects concerning social media communication. The final chapter is directed specifically at apps.


POSCON is an inter-European interdisciplinary network of experts. It strives to promote and advance the issue of positive content in Europe. It is funded by the EC within the Safer Internet Programme.

The guidelines are available as a download on: www.positivecontent.eu. The checklist can be found under: www.positivecontent.eu/checklist.

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