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Internet needs contemporary youth protection

Published on: 23.09.13
Source: Presse- und Informationsamt der Bundesregierung

The annual report 2013 of the Centre for Youth Protection on the Internet (I-KiZ) states: all participants together have to counter dangers for minors. The I-KiZ is an initiative by the Federal Ministry for Families and works on solution approaches in digital youth protection.

Since the internet is an essential part of youth's life, it is a political obligation to encourage their online media expertise. In its report the I-KiZ offers opportunities how to achieve this aim:

The internationality of the Internet is a problematic factor for child protection in general. Due to the Internet providers' locations being all over the world, it is impossible to enforce German laws everywhere. That is why it is necessary to improve the international connections between public and private institutions.

For further information (only in German) visit the website bundesregierung.de.

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