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Search behavior of children on the internet

Published on: 08.05.13
Source: Deutsches Jugendinstitut e.V.

An empirical study on the use of search engines for children

The internet has become an important source of information for children. They use it in addition to, but also instead of the traditional print media. Without the use of search engines, it is not possible to use the internet for research purposes. For this reason the access to knowledge of the internet is related to the ability of every individual to use search engines and select and work with information successfully. Therefore it should be asked, to what extent the education of children should include further technological knowledge and promote the information literacy of children.

The information needs and searching strategies of 6 to 13 year old children will be explored in this study, especially with search engines for children. Many children look up information as well with general search engines, which are designed for adults. For this reason the study will explore if the search behavior of children differ and if the selection of search engines are related to the interests of the children or to their social bachground. Another issue of the study will be if the technics of searching and selecting information in the internet will influence the manner of reading and how the children incorporate informations in general.

The aim of the study is to develope the basics for an education that facilitated the use of search engines and encounters information literacy of children.

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