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jugendschutz.net: annual report on dangerous web trends

Published on: 15.06.14
Source: kjm-online.de

Cutting as demonstration of sympathy for Justin Bieber, anorexia as a lifestyle or excess drinking as internet game - dangerous habits develop their continuously faster own dynamics in the World Wide Web, which encourages adolescents to imitate this behaviour. Self-injuring behaviour, eating disorders and suicide were increasingly propagated in Web 2.0. Teenagers have to be protected more efficiently there. This is the result of the annual report by the Ministry of Youth and the Commission for Youth Media Protection (KJM) (Jugendministerium und die Kommission für Jugendmedienschutz (KJM)) and their website jugendschutz.net. It offers administrative bodies’ support in the field of problems regarding the Internet.

Please find the full press release (only in German) under: www.kjm-online.de

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