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Launch of Better Internet for Kids website

Published on: 06.08.13
Source: European Commission

Helping kids discover the digital world safely on their own

From the age of seven, children start using the Internet. Nine to 16 year olds spend an average of 88 minutes online. In order to support their imagination and help the learning process, children need quality content. However, they need to be able to use the Internet responsibly and safely.

It is the aim of the Digital Agenda for Europe to have every European digital. It is necessary to realise children’s special needs and vulnerabilities on the Internet. These need to be considered in order to let children enjoy the Internet’s benefits without endangering themselves. Ultimately, the Internet not only bears risks, but also offers access to knowledge, communication methods and job perspectives.

What are possible actions to be undertaken by the Commission, Member States and by the whole industry value chain? The “Strategy for a Better Internet for Children'' discusses several options and shows potential ways of acting.

A win-win situation

With the proposed series of actions, children will gain improved digital and media literacy skills as well as access to both educational and creative web content. Children and their guardians will become acquainted with new and useful methods of ensuring online safety, such as adjusting privacy settings or employing parental controls. Material depicting sexual abuse can be identified and taken down from the Internet with new and more efficient procedures.

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