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Think before you post

Published on: 29.07.13
Source: Nobody’s Children Foundation

The "Think before you post" campaign was launched in 2012 by the Nobody’s Children Foundation and by Publicis - an advertising agency.

The main goal of the campaign is to make parents aware of the possible consequences of careless posting of photos of their children on the Internet. As millions of people across the world share photos of their children online every single day, mostly on their social networking sites, the campaign aims to point out how such an innocent activity can sometimes bring about very undesirable outcomes.

Parents who share photos of their children want to provide evidence of the nice moments they share together. However, they often do it without realising that a photo, once posted online, starts living its own life - and after some time, even many years down the line, can be used at a location or in a manner that we definitely would not agree for. Additionally, it might also be found by the child’s friends and become a source of embarrassment for him or her in the future. That is why it is so important that parents think twice before posting images of their children on the beach, without clothes or in any other awkward situation.

From 15th of July NCF started second edition of the campaign. The posters showing consequences of careless posting photos of children were prepared and placed on the advertising pillars in Warsaw. The campaign consists also of a viral video and publication addressed to parents which contains recommendations on how to set privacy settings while using most popular social sites.

Nobody’s Children Foundation and Publicis hope that photos of children seen, made parents think twice before they post.

Please see further information of the campaign (only in Polish) under Think before you post

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