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"Watch your Face" - a guide for young surfers

by Malgorzata Maryl-Wójcik
Published on: 23.07.13
Source: Nobody’s Children Foundation

Nobody's Children Foundation has prepared a guide for young surfers "Watch your Face!" which advises young people how to be safe on Facebook.

Nowadays it is very simple to gather information about someone from different online sources. One of the first results in a search engine is often a link to a social networking profile, especially Facebook. Many users keep their profiles public and are not aware that the information they intended to share with their friends only can be accessed by strangers. This situation can easily be avoided by appropriate privacy settings.

The brochure "Watch your Face'' guides users through different aspects of Facebook settings and explains why they are important for privacy reasons. The "Watch your Face'' pdf guide is available free of charge in Polish on http://dzieckowsieci.fdn.pl/przewodniki.

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