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INHOPE Annual Report 2012

Published on: 18.06.13
Source: Pressemitteilung INHOPE

INHOPE, the International Association of Internet Hotlines, released its Annual Report for the year 2012, thoroughly documenting its efforts and the efforts of its members in the global fight against online child sexual abuse. Entitled "Making a real difference", the report comprises a significant set of statistical results extracted from INHOPE's unique database, the INHOPE Report Management System (IHRMS).

The Annual Report also features case studies and success stories from around the world and across the network which have led to the arrest of offenders and the identification of victims. In addition, it highlights the strong partnerships in place with law enforcement and key industry players to speed up the removal of child sexual abuse material from the Internet while providing financial transparency and disclosing what was accomplished with the funds received.

The report includes a foreword by Neelie Kroes, Vice-President of the European Commission responsible for the Digital Agenda. Referring to the EU Strategy for a Better Internet for Kids, Neelie Kroes said: "The INHOPE network and its member hotlines are instrumental in helping deliver on that fourth pillar [ed. combat child sexual abuse material online and child sexual exploitation]. Set up by the Safer Internet Programme, they are reporting points where digital citizens can report illegal content. INHOPE pool and analyse the unique data they collect to provide actionable intelligence and ensure that child sexual abuse material is taken down quickly and effectively."

For more information regarding the INHOPE Annual Report 2012 please take a look at the INHOPE press release under News.

You can download the INHOPE Annual Report 2012 here: Annual Report 2012.

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