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Radio spots against Cyberbullying

Published on: 22.05.13
Source: Bündnis gegen Cybermobbing

The alliance against cyber bullying is a network of parents, educators, lawyers, doctors, researchers, and many more who have already made a personal experience with the issue of cyberbullying. The alliance enjoys broad support in its work against bullying on the internet. The alliance want to educate about bullying and provide assistance for victims. To be able to do so, research is carried out in order to provide viable action against cyberbullying still in the future.

As part of the Safer Internet Day, which has taken place around the world at the 05th of February 2013, the alliance has recorded radio spots against cyberbullying in order to educate the listeners about cyberbullying. You can hear them only in German on http://www.bündnis-gegen-cybermobbing.de/index.php?id=99&tx_ttnews.

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