"Socialweb-Socialwork" was a project of the Digital Opportunities Foundation in 2012 - 2014.
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Published on: 28.11.12
Source: Fundación Esplai


On 21st and 22nd Nov the Conecta Meeting for eFacilitators in Red Conecta and Conecta Joven, organized by Fundación Esplai, was held in Madrid.

24 people from 12 entities coming from different Spanish regions (Madrid, Barcelona, Asturias, Canarias…) actively participated in the 2-day meeting, sharing projects and good practices promoting social inclusion through ICT and establishing alliances to grow together starting from common needs and specific potentials.

During the 1st day, entities running the Conecta Joven program took the floor and during the 2nd day it was Red Conecta’s entities turn, although all entities and participants, from one and other program had the opportunity to share spaces and experiences during both days.

The project Social Web - Social Work had a slot within the 2nd day agenda and so it was presented as one of the main new European projects Fundación Esplai is currently participating in. This was not only an opportunity to explain and present the project face-to-face to the main local partners, but also an important step in the recruitment campaign at the national level in Spain. The initiative was very well welcomed and most of the entities working with children and youth showed interest in participating in the training.

The 2-day meeting aimed to be a space for coordinating actions and for working jointly on the issues that bring all participating entities together in search of collaboration opportunities and fostering synergies.

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