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Protection of the most vulnerable children online

by Jutta Croll, Stiftung Digitale Chancen
Published on: 22.10.13
Source: eigener Bericht

Eröffnungszeremonie Internet Governance Forum 2013 in Bali

Internet Governance Forum in Bali

First day of the Internet Governance Forum in Bali starts with one of the most important topics

Strategies to address online risks and threats to children and youths were discussed in one of the first sessions of the Internet Governance Forum organised by TaC - Together against Cybercrime and the University of Gezira, Sudan.

The young generation is said to be digital native today, but at the same time they are vulnerable with regards to online threats and risks. Therefore strategies were sought that really work to ensure a safe and positive internet experience for children and youth.

While it was pointed out by many of the participants from different countries that parents, teachers and social workers have to play an important role in protecting young people online it was also questioned whether making the Internet a safe place is either desirable or achievable.

Neither the real world nor the virtual world can guarantee to be a safe area not bearing any risks and dangers it was argued by some participants in the workshop. So why should we strive to ensure Internet safety while we cannot provide for it in reality? Being aware that we cannot provide for 100 % of safety does not mean that we should not try to make the Internet safer, more secure and more beneficial for young users. Industry representatives together with those from NGOs and government declared their will for co-operation and joint efforts to achieve that objective.

This declaration was quite in line with the overall goal for the Internet Governance Forum 2013 stated in the Opening Ceremony on Tuesday afternoon: Let's make the Internet accessible, affordable, secure and beneficial for all.

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