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Save the date: "With children on the Net" at 9th of May 2014, Berlin

Vertretung des Landes Rheinland-Pfalz
In den Ministergärten 6
10117 Berlin, Germany
LMK / Safer Internet DE / klicksafe & Verbraucherzentrale Rheinland-Pfalz e.V.
Seminar leader:
Dr. Joachim Kind / Lore Herrmann-Karch
Tel: 0621/5202-206
kind@lmk-online.de oder presse@vz-rlp.de
www.lmk-online.de oder www.vz-rlp.de

Save the date: 9th of May 2014 in Berlin

The recently published study "With children on the Net" ("Mit Kindern unterwegs im Internet") by the Landesanstalt für Medien und Kommunikation (LMK) discusses and explores the effects of online advertising on children and youth. For the first time it was examined, whether children recognise advertising on the Internet and whether they can distinguish it from editorial content. Where does need for action for media supervision and advertising skills mediation occur? What recommendations arise for internet providers in order that the need of young recipients are taken into account more in the future?

We would like to present the identified results of the study to you and discuss the complex of problems and possible approaches. Since the supply and regulation are rarely clear for viewers and Internet users, the study focusses on this issue. For this reason the study’s findings are particularly interesting for the media policy, media law, media pedagogy, the media industry as well as for the consumer protection.

The event will take place on

9th of May 2014 at 10:30am in Berlin.

We would be happy to see you there.

Further information regarding the events program follow in April.

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