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Virtual worlds. Between fascination and online addiction

9.00 - 16.00
Die Anmeldefrist endet am 12. November 2013. Die maximale Teilnehmerzahl beträgt 14.
Drogenhilfe Köln gGmbH, Fachstelle für Suchtpräven
Hans-Böckler-Str. 5
50354 Hürth-Hermülheim, Germany
Drogenhilfe Köln e.V.

The event of Drogenhilfe Köln gGmbH. Fachstelle für Suchtprävention (Drug Help Cologne gGmbH. Office for addiction prevention) addresses professionals from youth (leisure) facilities, pedagogues and teachers.

Virtual worlds have an increasing importance for youth. Especially boys dive into online gaming worlds and withdraw themselves from the real life. However, the everyday life with friends, sports, family affairs as well as school and homework oftentimes suffers from this passion. Resulting conflicts threaten to become a burden at school, around family and in education. How can risks, chances and the danger of addiction in the virtual world be approached? How does sensibility for this subject grow? How can employees of the youth welfare services approach youths? And how can they react to difficulties? What is "normal" nowadays? - Where does problematic or even addicted computer usage start?

It is the seminar's aim not only to focus on addiction risks but to first of all understand the media's fascination for adolescents. With active methods the virtual world becomes palpable and the progression from daily usage to addiction clear.

Additional information and the registration form (both in German) can be found here:http://sucht-bildung.de

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