"Socialweb-Socialwork" was a project of the Digital Opportunities Foundation in 2012 - 2014.
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Facebook & co. children and adolescentes in social networks

19.00 - 21.15
Eine Anmeldung ist erforderlich bis zum 6. November 2013.
Verbundschule Hille
Von-Oeynhausen-Str. 30
32479 Hille, Germany
Bildungswerk für Medien & Kommunikation Minden-Lübbecke
Seminar leader:
Ulla Ferling
Bahnhofstraße 29
32312 Lübbecke, Germany
Tel: 05741/909894
Attendance fee:
Die Teilnahme ist kostenlos.

The event of the Bildungswerk für Medien & Kommunikation Minden-Lübbecke (Educational Institute for Media and Communication Minden-Lübbecke) addresses pedagogical professionals and parents in school and youth work.

"Are you on board?", this is the frequent question. Social networks - such as Facebook - are platforms that enable you to communicate with friends, classmates and colleagues. Who is online? Who uploaded the photos from the party last weekend? Wall posts, friend requests, finding friends all over the world and reviving contacts.

Social networks are instruments of information exchange but at the same time a considerable risk for data security and privacy. The event shall inform parents and pedagogues what social networks are, which functions they offer, and which opportunities or risks exist. On demand, the event can be organised for student or adolescent groups, too. The event is led by Selina Halford and Thomas Erzberger.

Further information (in German language) are available on: www.mekonet.de

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