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1. International Cyberbullying Congress 2013

9.30 - 18.00
Steigenberger Hotel Berlin
Los-Angeles-Platz 1
10789 Berlin, Germany
Bündnis gegen Cybermobbing
Seminar leader:
Melanie Nückles, Angela Woyciechowski
Tel: ++49 (0)721-16009-11/-15
Attendance fee:
bis 31.7.13: 199 Euro (zzgl. MwSt.), ab 1.8.13: 239 Euro (zzgl. MwSt.)

The complex of problem with regards to cyberbullying is more and more present in our society. The Internet is becoming more and more a playground for troublemakers, bullies, sexual offenders and those individuals who have criminal intentions. Especially our children are particularly affected by the development of WEB 2.0, they grow up in a multimedia age without being prepared for it. Research, information/education and prevention work are becoming increasingly important to handle the phenomenon of cyberbullying.

The first international cyberbullying congress in Berlin has set itself the task to illuminate the subject from different directions and from different countries and to give suggestions for the daily handling.

"The phenomenon of cyberbullying: Consequences for the society and the possibilities for prevention" focuses on three areas: research, prevention and legal regulations from a national and international perspective and addresses educators, psychologists, managers, lawyers, researchers and politicians.

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