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2nd summerforum media literacy

Stahnsdorfer Str. 107
14482 Potsdam, Germany
Medienanstalt Berlin-Brandenburg und Freiwillige Selbstkontrolle Fernsehen
Seminar leader:
Camilla Graubner
Tel: 030 - 2649 67 54
www.mabb.de (...)

"Feeling of life in 20 seconds - advertising as a mediator of fashion, taste and style of communication"

This is the topic under which mabb and fsf host the 2nd summer forum on the 07th of June in MIZ Babelsberg. The participants will be informed about and can discuss issues such as which role does advertising play in the development of a felling of life and how does it influence the culture and spirit of a generation.

In particular, one topic will be, advertising that specially aims at children and how this influences taste and style of communikation in an early state.

The sense of advertising is not just to inform but to connect an idea or a product with emotions, to make it different and special to other products which are similar in quality and prize. That happens for example trough music. Short Jingles are produced just for the commercial and as soon as their working the music is immediately connected to the product. The question is therefore how sustainable advertising influences our taste or our language. Or if advertising makes trends or is made by trends. The forum will discuss this and more questions.

For more information and the program of the event please visit the website http://www.mabb.de/veranstaltungen-termine/veranstaltungen/sommerforum-medienkompetenz.html.

Source: Medienanstalt Berlin-Brandenburg

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