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AJS Annual Conference on Cyber-Bullying

10:00 - 16:30
Bahnhofstr. 61
70771 Leinfelden-Echterdingen, Germany
Landesarbeitsstelle Baden-Württemberg
Seminar leader:
Tel: 0049711-237370

Young people are harassed, insulted, or exposed on the Internet, chat, or mobile phone. Rumors are spread, embarrassing pictures are posted. Victims suffer mentally and physically under the constant attacks and social stigma. The phenomenon is still quite young and a number of studies attempt to shed some light on the dark with new compiled figures. Notwithstanding the difficulties of gaining an objective assessment of the extent and urgency of cyber-bullying it can be considered: Cyber-bullying takes place and each new case requires active tackling.

To cope with this challenge, it is necessary to deal with different issues: What are the motives of the perpetrators, what are the triggers for their actions? Why do the witnesses not intervene? What support do the victims need?

And of course, youth protection is also about the prevention of cyber-bullying. If we do not consider cyber-bullying as an isolated phenomenon, but as a form of violent action against others, the prevention of cyber-bullying is a part of violence prevention. The conference will ask how the experiences from violence prevention can be used for dealing with cyber-bullying?

The conference of the German Association Aktion Jugendschutz - Landesstelle Baden-Württemberg is held in German language, the program is only available in German.

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