"Socialweb-Socialwork" was a project of the Digital Opportunities Foundation in 2012 - 2014.
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childrens information behaviour on the internet

10.00 - 16.30
Hotel Tagungszentrum Aquino
Hannoversche Straße 5b
10115 Berlin, Germany
Deutschen Jugendinstituts e.V. (DJI), Landesanstalt für Medien Nordrhein-Westfalen (LfM)
Seminar leader:
Pamela Berckemeyer
Nockherstraße 2
81541 München, Germany
Tel: +49 89 62306 206
Attendance fee:

Participation in the knowledge society means to use the internet as a source of information. This applies to children also. But not everything they can find via "Google" or other search engines is suitable for them. Special search enginges for kids want to provide information appropiate to age. This is an important contribution to make the internet a safer place for children. In this manner children can discover the internet on their own.

But what do children search for? The DJIs research project "Informationsverhalten von Kindern im Internet" analysed Logfiles of the search engines Blinde Kuh, fragFINN and Helles Köpfchen. They investigated the childrens information needs, how they formulate queries and whether the search engines can respond to the requests.

Furthermore the study examined the childrens research competences and their information processing. This event invites scientists,experts in media education, representatives from politics, the State Media Authorities and education authorities or any other who is interested to discuss the results and the information literacy of children.

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