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International media education seminar

14.02.13 - 15.02.13
Tampere City Library Metso
Pirkankatu 2
Tampere, Finland
Finnish Society on Media Education
Seminar leader:
Hanna Wahlman
Tel: +358 50 501 7330
The topic of the seminar is 0-12-year old children's media use, media skills and best practices of media education. During two days we will discuss the evaluation and spreading of best practices, children's participation and multiculturalism in media education as well as other current topics on children’s media culture. The topic will be examined from different perspectives covering both the formal and non-formal field. The program consists of keynote lectures, presentations and panel discussions. The seminar is aimed at experts planning media education strategies, policies and materials for children up to 12 years old and other experts in the field.

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